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serial class HS.SDA3.NVPair extends HS.SDA3.DataType

Generic name-value pair object for inclusion in SDA3 objects
NVPair appears in the SDA as a list property (CustomPairs) of every class
that extends HS.SDA3.SuperClass. For every SDA3 class corresponding to a
streamlet type except CustomObject, the CustomPairs are loaded into the
Viewer Cache as web.SDA3.NVPairs. See HS.SDA3.SuperClass:CustomPairs for
more info. See HS.SDA3.CustomObject:CustomPairs for information on how
CustomObject CustomPairs get loaded into the Viewer Cache. For SDA3 classes
that extend SuperClass but do not correspond to streamlet types,
CustomPairs is not loaded into the Viewer Cache, with one exception:
HS.SDA3.SupportContact. Though not a streamlet type, SupportContacts of a
Patient are inserted into the Viewer Cache as NVPairs with InfoType="NOK".

Property Inventory


property Name as %String;
The name of the property this NVPair represents
Ex: "Status"
Property methods: NameDisplayToLogical(), NameGet(), NameIsValid(), NameLogicalToDisplay(), NameLogicalToOdbc(), NameNormalize(), NameSet()
property Value as %String);
The value of the property this NVPair represents
Ex: "Active"
Property methods: ValueDisplayToLogical(), ValueGet(), ValueIsValid(), ValueLogicalToDisplay(), ValueLogicalToOdbc(), ValueNormalize(), ValueSet()

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