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abstract class HS.Sync.BaseClass

Method Inventory


final parameter GUIDENABLED = 1;
If this parameter is set to 1 then a GUID will be assigned (to the %GUID property) to each new object. When the object is saved for the first time this GUID value will be recorded in a namespace index which will allow GUID to be resolved to OIDs.
parameter OBJJOURNAL = 2;
if OBJJOURNAL is TRUE then inserts, updates and deletes will be logged in ^OBJ.JournalT if OBJJOURNAL = 2 then the entire object will also be journaled in ^OBJ.Journal
parameter SYNCORDER = 99999;


classmethod GetGlobalInfo() as %String
classmethod GetSQLTableName() as %String
need to get the SQL TABLENAME
classmethod SyncTables(Output pTables) as %Status


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