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class HSMOD.REST.Async.API

API class that contains methods to trigger background jobs and to obtain status of existing jobs.

Method Inventory


classmethod GetJobRecords(pSearchCriteria As %Library.DynamicObject) as %Library.ListOfObjects
Returns all available instances of HSMOD.REST.Async.JobRecord based on the provided search criteria.
@Argument pSearchCriteria Key-value pairs of search criteria.
classmethod RunInBackgroundAndReturnJobKey(pClassname As %Dictionary.CacheClassname, pMethodName As %Dictionary.CacheIdentifier, pArguments...) as %String
Runs pMethodName from class pClassname in the background. Records job informations in a persistance object (an instance of HSMOD.REST.Async.JobRecord).
Returns the key to use to access the job information.
Job information can be accessed by calling GetJobRecordFromKey(), passing the key in as a parameter.
Throws errors.
@Argument pClassname Class that contains method to run in background.
@Argument pMethodName Method to run in background.
@Argument pArguments... Arguments to pass to method.


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