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class HS.FHIRServer.Config.Setup extends HSMOD.REST.Async.API

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classmethod GetSetup() as %DynamicObject
This method uses $$$HSThisNSType to determine whether we're in a HealthShare or IRIS for Health/HC kit, for lack of a better option. Ideally each kit has a configuration which defines its allowed interactions
classmethod JobRecordToJson(jobRecord As HSMOD.REST.Async.JobRecord) as %DynamicObject
classmethod ListToJson(list As %List) as %DynamicAbstractObject
classmethod NewSettingsObject(read As %Boolean, write As %Boolean, valueset As %List = "") as %DynamicObject
classmethod ReturnPendingEndpoints(clearCompleted As %Boolean, name As %String = "") as %DynamicArray

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