class CSPX.Portal.ProductionItemSettings extends %ZEN.Component.page

This page shows the default values for each item in the Specific Settings, the source for each default, and allow user to choose them.

Property Inventory

Method Inventory


parameter APPLICATION = CSPX.Portal.Application;
Class name of application this page belongs to.
parameter DOMAIN = Ensemble;
Domain used for localization.
parameter PAGENAME = Production Specific Settings;
Displayed name of this page.


property ItemName as %String (ZENURL = "$ID2");
Item Name
Property methods: ItemNameDisplayToLogical(), ItemNameGet(), ItemNameIsValid(), ItemNameLogicalToDisplay(), ItemNameLogicalToOdbc(), ItemNameNormalize(), ItemNameSet()
property ProductionName as %String (ZENURL = "$ID1");
Production Name
Property methods: ProductionNameDisplayToLogical(), ProductionNameGet(), ProductionNameIsValid(), ProductionNameLogicalToDisplay(), ProductionNameLogicalToOdbc(), ProductionNameNormalize(), ProductionNameSet()


method %OnAfterCreatePage() as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
This callback is called after the server-side page object and all of its children are created.
Subclasses can override this to add, remove, or modify items within the page object model, or to provide values for controls.
method DrawHeader(pSeed As %String) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method DrawJS() [ Language = objectscript ]
Draw javascript code that will be used by CSP code.
method DrawRow(field As %Integer, lblLocal) [ Language = objectscript ]
Draw a property
method DrawTable(pSeed As %String) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Display table based on item. $lb(Target,Name,Value,ValueType,Default,DefaultType,Description,Type,MAXLEN,MINVAL,MAXVAL,VALUELIST,DISPLAYLIST,IsRequired) ValueType tells you where this Value is coming from: $$$eConfigSettingValueTypeProperty: this value is from class definition property default $$$eConfigSettingValueTypeSystem: this value is from the default settings $$$eConfigSettingValueTypeProduction: this value is from production definition. DefaultType is similar to ValueType, it is the ValueType of the Default property: $$$eConfigSettingValueTypeProperty: this default value is from class definition property default $$$eConfigSettingValueTypeSystem: this default value is from the default settings pSeed = 0 is the initial load. pSeed = 1 is reset. Black means it's defined in the production Blue means it's coming from default settings Green means it's coming from class definition
method GetNames(pSelected As %String) as %String [ Language = objectscript, ZenMethod ]
Given a list of field numbers, return the names of the fields and its default color. Set %session.Data("ItemSpecific",field,1)= "" so that at save time, it will not build XML.
clientmethod closeForm() [ Language = javascript ]
Close form. Whatever changes user made on this form that have not been saved will be discarded.
clientmethod resetForm() [ Language = javascript ]
Reload form. Whatever changes user made on this form that have not been saved will be discarded.
clientmethod saveForm() [ Language = javascript ]
Save whatever changes user made to %session so that the main form can update.

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