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class CSPX.EnsBPLSVG extends %CSP.Page

Renders SVG canvas for BPL editor

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parameter CONTENTTYPE = image/svg+xml;
Inherited description: Specifies the default content type for the page. This can be overriden using the <CSP:CONTENT TYPE=> tag, or by setting the %response.ContentType property in the OnPreHTTP() method. The default value if this parameter is not set is text/html.
parameter DOMAIN = EnsBPL;
Use our own domain for localization


classmethod DrawCanvas()
Draw main svg canvas
classmethod DrawDefs()
Draw defs section
classmethod DrawPluginMenus()
If there are any plugins; draw out their xml menus here
classmethod DrawPluginScripts()
If there are any plugins; draw out their script here
classmethod DrawScript()
Draw java script
classmethod DrawStyleSheet()
Draw style sheet
classmethod EscapeJSKeepLF(s As %String) as %String
Escape JS avoiding double-escaping to \n
classmethod OnPage() as %Status
Inherited description: Event handler for PAGE event: this is invoked in order to generate the content of a csp page.
classmethod OnPreHTTP() as %Boolean
Inherited description: Event handler for PreHTTP event: this is invoked before the HTTP headers for a CSP page have been sent. All changes to the %CSP.Response class, such as adding cookies, HTTP headers, setting the content type etc. must be made from within the OnPreHTTP() method. Also changes to the state of the CSP application such as changing %session.EndSession or %session.AppTimeout must be made within the OnPreHTTP() method. It is prefered that changes to %session.Preserve are also made in the OnPreHTTP() method as this is more efficient, although it is supported in any section of the page. Return 0 to prevent OnPage() from being called.

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