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class CSPX.EnsMAHomeForm extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %CSP.Util.AutoForm

Ensemble Maintenance Home Page We display and save the time out and refresh rate in SECONDS When you use it you need to times 1000 because JaveScript uses milliseconds intervals

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parameter DOMAIN = Ensemble;
Use our own domain for localization


property AutoStart as %String;
AutoStart default production
Property methods: AutoStartDisplayToLogical(), AutoStartGet(), AutoStartIsValid(), AutoStartLogicalToDisplay(), AutoStartLogicalToOdbc(), AutoStartNormalize(), AutoStartSet()
property RefreshRate as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 23 ];
Home page refresh rate (in seconds, 0 mean no refresh)
Property methods: RefreshRateDisplayToLogical(), RefreshRateGet(), RefreshRateIsValid(), RefreshRateLogicalToDisplay(), RefreshRateNormalize(), RefreshRateSet()


classmethod CreateInstance(ByRef pID As %String) as %CSP.Util.AutoForm
Event Log Max Number to Delete
classmethod DrawHTMLForm(pObj As %RegisteredObject, ByRef pID As %String, pActionURL As %String = "", ByRef pButtons As %CSP.Util.FormButton, pTarget As %String = "") as %Status
Draw an HTML form for this form object.
pObj is an instance of the form object that provides the initial values for the form.
pActionURL is the URL to submit this form to.
pButtons is an array of submit buttons to display for the form. If not provided, the default Save and Cancel buttons are shown. pButtons is an integer-subscripted array of FormButton objects.
classmethod OnDefineButtons(ByRef pButtons As %CSP.Util.FormButton)
define standard Login buttons
method OnSubmit(ByRef pID As %String, pSubmit As %String) as %Status
Inherited description: This callback is called when this form is submitted. pID is the ID value associated with the form. The default implementation will perform a Save if the AutoForm is a persistent object.
pSubmit is the name of the submit button (i.e., $AUTOFORM_SAVE).

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