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deprecated class %ZEN.TreeUtils extends %Library.RegisteredObject

This class contains methods that can be used to construct common tree structures for use with the %ZEN.Component.dynaTree component.

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parameter DOMAIN = %ZEN;


classmethod ClassTree(pRoot As %String, Output pTree, ByRef pParms) as %Status
Create a tree based on the packages and classes visible in the current namespace.
Each node has a value with a ".pkg" or ".cls" suffix.
pRoot is "" when called for the top-level. Otherwise it contains the package name of the parent node.
pParms can contain the following:
pParms("system") = 0 | 1 control whether % items are displayed.
classmethod PropertyTree(pRoot As %String, Output pTree, ByRef pParms) as %Status
Return the set of properties within a given class.
classmethod TimePeriodTree(pRoot As %String, Output pTree, ByRef pParms, pTopNode As %Integer = 0) as %Status
Create a tree containing time periods.
The contents of the tree are specified by values within the pParms array:
pParms("spec") - A comma-delimited list that controls the hierarchy of time periods. This can contain Y(ear), Q(uarter), M(onth), W(eek), D(ay). For example: "Y,Q,M" will show years, quarters, and months.
The time period of the tree can be controlled using:
pParms("startYear") - starting year for year periods (default is current year)
pParms("endYear") - end year for year periods (default is startYear)
pParms("startMonth") - starting month (1-12) for month periods (default is 1)
pParms("endMonth") - ending month (1-12) for month periods (default is 12)
pParms("startQuarter") - starting quarter (1-4) for quarter periods (default is 1)
pParms("endQuarter") - ending quarter (1-4) for quarter periods (default is 4)
pParms("startWeek") - starting week (1-52) for week periods (default is 1)
pParms("endWeek") - ending week (1-52) for week periods (default is 52)
pParms("startDay") - starting day for day periods (default is 1)
pParms("endDay") - ending day for day periods. Interpretation of this value depends on how days are displayed (yearly, weekly, etc.)

When years are not displayed, the startYear is used to provide the year portion of date values.
The logical value of nodes an indicator followed ODBC format date:
"Y 2007", "M 2007-03", etc.
For weeks and quarters the starting month or day of the period is used.
Weeks are not supported at this time.

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