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class %ZEN.Auxiliary.jsonArrayProvider extends %ZEN.Auxiliary.jsonProvider, %ZEN.Component.dataView

A specialized version of the JSON provider pulls a subset of data from a master JSON provider. This is intended for cases where there is a subset of data within a larger content object and the application needs to see this data independently. A typical case is an array within a containing object.
This component ignores all of the data source callback methods inheritied from the jsonProvider class.

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property arrayName as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ InitialExpression = "children" ];
Name of the property within the base JSON model that contains the array projected by this provider.
Property methods: arrayNameDisplayToLogical(), arrayNameGet(), arrayNameIsValid(), arrayNameLogicalToDisplay(), arrayNameLogicalToOdbc(), arrayNameNormalize(), arrayNameSet()

Methods (Including Private)

clientmethod getContentObject() [ Language = javascript ]
Return the client-side JSON data as an object or null.

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