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class Ens.BP.Utils.Upgrade

Method Inventory


classmethod UpgradePendingResponsesStorage(ByRef log, display As %Boolean = 1, dryRun As %Boolean = 1, limitToId As %String = "")
This is used to upgrade pending list subnode structure to the current parent/child structure. It is called by the upgrade procedure in %Library.EnsembleMgr::dataUpgradeSteps() with display=0 and dryRun = 0 and with no limitToId.
The method attempts to recompile the particular Business Process classes involved if the dry run flag is not set and the classes are not Ens* nor HS*.
Note: the check whether the code database is writeable is carried out in %Library.EnsembleMgr::dataUpgradeSteps()
This classmethod can be run independently to find in progress requests prior to an upgrade (it does not check if the production is running).
   Do ##class(Ens.BP.Utils.Upgrade).UpgradePendingResponsesStorage(.log,1,1)

Status for BP ID 60 : Started
Found pending responses : 1
Class : EnsLib.Testing.Process
Status for BP ID 60 : Completed Dry Run Only
Status for BP ID 61 : Started
Found pending responses : 24
Class : Custom.BP.Test
Status for BP ID 61 : Completed Dry Run Only

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