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class Ens.BPL.Transform extends Ens.BPL.Activity

The element lets you invoke a data transformation class from within a business process.

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property Aux as %String;
The name of the auxiliary value passed to the Transform() method
Property methods: AuxDisplayToLogical(), AuxGet(), AuxIsValid(), AuxLogicalToDisplay(), AuxLogicalToOdbc(), AuxNormalize(), AuxSet()
property Class as %String;
The class name of the data transform
Property methods: ClassDisplayToLogical(), ClassGet(), ClassIsValid(), ClassLogicalToDisplay(), ClassLogicalToOdbc(), ClassNormalize(), ClassSet()
property Source as %String;
The name of the source object
Property methods: SourceDisplayToLogical(), SourceGet(), SourceIsValid(), SourceLogicalToDisplay(), SourceLogicalToOdbc(), SourceNormalize(), SourceSet()
property Target as %String;
The name of the target object
Property methods: TargetDisplayToLogical(), TargetGet(), TargetIsValid(), TargetLogicalToDisplay(), TargetLogicalToOdbc(), TargetNormalize(), TargetSet()


method GenerateCode(pCompiler As Ens.BPL.Compiler) as %Status
method GenerateXML(pStream As %BinaryStream) as %Status
Inherited description: This generates the common XML attributes for this Activity
method Validate(ByRef pStatus As %Status, pContext As Ens.BPL.ValidationContext) as %Status
Inherited description: Perform a sanity check on the nodes in the parse tree
classmethod isProperty(pVarName As %String, Output nDots As %Integer, Output pIsTrailingArray As %Integer) as %Boolean
determine at compile time if a string represents a property name for the purpose of:
- not applying $G() to avoid a syntax error
- applying conditional %ConstructClone() in DTL if a source object property
- applying conditional %New() in DTL if a target object property

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