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abstract class Ens.VDoc.XMLSearchTable extends Ens.VDoc.SearchTable

Defines a set of properties derived from XML Stream objects embedded in class 'Ens.StreamContainer' that can be used in SQL to locate and join to XML documents of interest.

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parameter DOCCLASS = Ens.StreamContainer;
Inherited description: The class of Document object for which this SearchTable subclass is designed.


classmethod GetXPathValues(pStream As %RegisteredObject, pExpression As %String, Output pArray, Output pStatus As %Status)
classmethod IsListExpression(tGetExpression As %String) as %Boolean
Returns True if the given expression will return multiple values
classmethod genGetCode(tGetExpression As %String) as %String
Generates an expression that 1) evaluates to a string value and 2) sets status code 'tSCGet'
classmethod genGetCodeList(tGetExpression As %String, tPreExpr As %String, tPostExpr As %String) as %String
Generates an expression that sets an array of values found in 'tList' and 2) sets status code 'tSCGet' It may evaluate to a string but we intend to ignore that.

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