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class EnsLib.LDAP.Message.EntityIdentification extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Super class for Message types that are identified with DN or CN and Parent or Base Base class for operation messages Base class to LDAP request messages used by operation EnsLib.LDAP.Operation.Standard

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property Base as %String);
Optional Base
Property methods: BaseDisplayToLogical(), BaseGet(), BaseIsValid(), BaseLogicalToDisplay(), BaseLogicalToOdbc(), BaseNormalize(), BaseSet()
property DN as %String);
Optional Distinguished name of object
If not specified the Distinguished name used in the request is calculated from the other properties.
Property methods: DNDisplayToLogical(), DNGet(), DNIsValid(), DNLogicalToDisplay(), DNLogicalToOdbc(), DNNormalize(), DNSet()
property Parent as %String);
Optional Parent of CN
Property methods: ParentDisplayToLogical(), ParentGet(), ParentIsValid(), ParentLogicalToDisplay(), ParentLogicalToOdbc(), ParentNormalize(), ParentSet()
property RDN as %String);
Relative Distinguished Name of object. Includes naming attribute but if not specified cn is used
Property methods: RDNDisplayToLogical(), RDNGet(), RDNIsValid(), RDNLogicalToDisplay(), RDNLogicalToOdbc(), RDNNormalize(), RDNSet()


method CalculatedDN(pDefaultBaseDN As %String = "", pEscapeDN As %Boolean = 1) as %String
Method used to calculate Distinguished Name from the properties
The first parameter can be used to provide a default base that will be used if RDN is specified but Parent and Base are empty
The second parameter is used to control whether the CalculatedDN ought to be escaped as per RFC4514
The default is to escape
The CalculatedDN is returned As follows:
If the property DN is not empty it is returned.
If the property DN is empty then the value of the property RDN becomes the first part of the returned value and is then prepended to
the value of the Parent and returned.
If Parent is empty then RDN is preprended to Base and returned.
If Base is empty then RDN is preprended to parameter pDefaultBaseDN and returned.

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