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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble. See the InterSystems IRIS version of this content.

For information on migrating to InterSystems IRIS, see How to Migrate to InterSystems IRIS, available on the WRC Distributions page (login required).


Write routines and methods in MultiValue; access data stored in MultiValue format; generate MVBasic client classes; write to the mv.log file.

Background Information

MultiValue is a programming language and database.

Available Tools

Caché MVBasic

Enables you to write programs in an implementation of MultiValue, within the Caché environment. Support for MultiValue is provided by %MV.Adaptor and other classes in the %MV package.

See Caché MultiValue Basic Reference and other MVBasic books.

For information on the relationship of Caché MVBasic and the rest of Caché, see the Caché Programming Orientation Guide.

Availability: All MV-enabled namespaces.

Provides access to MultiValue system-level functions and elements for ObjectScript and MVBasic programmers. This class provides methods like the following:

  • InputDataOnly()

  • IteratorGet()

  • StackGetMV()

  • buildMVClassXref()

  • fileDescDataGlobal()

  • parseDict()

  • And others

Availability: All namespaces.

Generates a MVBasic client class to enable access to the class from MVBasic.

For information on projections, see “Class Projections” in Using Caché Objects and “Adding Projections to a Class” in Using Studio.

Availability: All namespaces.

Provides the WriteToMVLog() method, which you can use to write to the mv.log file.

Availability: All namespaces.


The special variable $SYSTEM is bound to the %SYSTEM package. This means that (for ObjectScript) instead of ##class(%SYSTEM.class).method(), you can use $SYSTEM.class.method().