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Write routines and methods in MultiValue; access data stored in MultiValue format; generate MVBasic client classes; write to the mv.log file.

Background Information

MultiValue is a programming language and database.

Available Tools

Caché MVBasic

Enables you to write programs in an implementation of MultiValue, within the Caché environment. Support for MultiValue is provided by %MV.AdaptorOpens in a new tab and other classes in the %MV package.

See Caché MultiValue Basic Reference and other MVBasic books.

For information on the relationship of Caché MVBasic and the rest of Caché, see the Caché Programming Orientation Guide.

Availability: All MV-enabled namespaces.

Provides access to MultiValue system-level functions and elements for ObjectScript and MVBasic programmers. This class provides methods like the following:

  • InputDataOnly()

  • IteratorGet()

  • StackGetMV()

  • buildMVClassXref()

  • fileDescDataGlobal()

  • parseDict()

  • And others

Availability: All namespaces.

Generates a MVBasic client class to enable access to the class from MVBasic.

For information on projections, see “Class Projections” in Using Caché Objects and “Adding Projections to a Class” in Using Studio.

Availability: All namespaces.

Provides the WriteToMVLog() method, which you can use to write to the mv.log file.

Availability: All namespaces.


The special variable $SYSTEM is bound to the %SYSTEM package. This means that (for ObjectScript) instead of ##class(%SYSTEM.class).method(), you can use $SYSTEM.class.method().

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