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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble.

For information on converting to InterSystems IRISOpens in a new window, see the InterSystems IRIS Migration Guide and Migrating to InterSystems IRIS, both available on the WRC Distributions pageOpens in a new window (login required).

Viewing the Trace

Open the Message Viewer's Visual Trace page for the new session.

generated description: create16 20141

Notice that this time the TutorialFileService_Router sent the message to BadMessageHandler rather than TutorialFileOperation. The red diamond image indicates that there was an error, and if you click it, the error will display at the bottom of the page.

Click the original message, then click the Contents tab on the right side of the page. This displays the HL7 data contained in the message.

generated description: create17 20142

Notice that the Visual Trace page displays an error indicating that the HL7 data is invalid. It contains an extra RXR segment in the wrong place.

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