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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble.

For information on converting to InterSystems IRIS, see the InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide and the InterSystems IRIS In-Place Conversion Guide, both available on the WRC Distributions page (login required).

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Example Setup (cont.)

Now view SecurityTutorial.HomePage.cls in a Web Browser:

  1. Open SecurityTutorial.HomePage.cls in Studio.

  2. Click View–>Web Page on the Studio Menu bar.

  3. The browser displays the log in page for the application, SecurityTutorial.LogIn.cls:

    generated description: app cspapps3 20111

  4. For User enter _SYSTEM. For Pwd enter SYS. Click Login.

  5. The login is successful and the browser displays SecurityTutorial.HomePage.cls:

    generated description: app cspapps4 20111

The page displays the user that has accessed the page: _SYSTEM along with the user's roles: %All and %DB_USER.


_SYSTEM is a predefined user account that Caché installs by default. To learn more about predefined users, read Predefined User Accounts in the Users section of the Caché Security Administration Guide.