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See the Table of Contents for a detailed listing of the subjects covered in this document.

The Caché ActiveX binding provides access to Caché from any application that supports ActiveX objects.

ActiveX is Not Recommended for New Applications

ActiveX is a deprecated software framework. InterSystems Caché will continue to support ActiveX for existing applications, but strongly recommends migrating to newer, more secure technologies with a viable upgrade path. See “Using the Caché Object Binding for .NET” for one possible option. If you are planning to upgrade to InterSystems IRIS, you can use either the Object Binding or the InterSystems IRIS Native SDK (see Using the Native SDK for .NET).

The examples in this book were written for Visual Basic 6 or earlier (including VBA and VBS scripting languages), and may not work in .NET Basic without modification.

The following topics are covered:

For general information, see Using InterSystems Documentation.

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