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About This Book

See the Table of Contents for a detailed listing of the subjects covered in this document.

XEP event persistence is a set of Java technologies enabled in the XEP API, allowing Caché to be leveraged as a high performance persistence storage engine.

The following topics are covered:

Related Documents

The following documents also contain related material:

  • JavaDoc for the InterSystems Java Connectivity API is located in <install-dir>/dev/java/doc/index.html (where <install-dir> is the directory in which your instance of Caché is installed).

  • Using Caché with JDBC — describes how to connect to Caché from an external application using the Caché JDBC driver, and how to access external JDBC data sources from Caché.

  • Using .NET with Caché XEP — describes how to use the .NET version of XEP.

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