Using .NET with Caché eXTreme
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Caché eXTreme is a set of technologies that enable Caché to be leveraged as a high performance persistence storage engine optimized for XTP (Extreme Transaction Processing) applications.

Unlike the standard .NET binding, the eXTreme APIs do not use TCP/IP to communicate with Caché. Instead, they use a fast in-memory connection (implemented via standard .NET and the Caché Callin API), and run in the same process as the Caché instance. Although the Caché server and the .NET application must be on the same machine, the application can still use Caché ECP to access data on remote machines.
Caché eXTreme components include:
Installation and Configuration
This section provides specifies requirements and provides instructions for installing Caché and configuring your environment to use the eXTreme APIs.
Required Environment Variables
In order to run eXTreme applications, the following environment variable must be properly set:
Required Files
Your .NET project must include references to the following files:
eXTreme Sample Applications
Sample applications are available for all eXTreme APIs.
XEP Samples
XEP sample files are in <install-dir>/dev/dotnet/samples/xep/ (see Default Caché Installation Directory for the location of <install-dir> on your system). To run them, compile the XEPTest40.csproj project, which includes the following components (located in subdirectory /xep/test/):
See the help file (<install-dir>/dev/dotnet/help/CacheExtreme.chm) for detailed documentation of these programs. Supporting files located in <install-dir>/dev/dotnet/samples/xep/samples/ provide test data for the sample programs. The xep.samples.SingleStringSample class is used by several examples in this book.