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Adding a Control to Set a Pivot Variable

Adding a Control to Set a Pivot Variable

Pivot variables provide another way for your end users to interact with your dashboards. A pivot table can be defined so that its underlying query uses pivot variables in selected parts of the query. (Similarly, an MDX-based KPI can use pivot variables in the same way.) When a dashboard includes this pivot table, that dashboard can include a pivot variable control, with which the user can change the value of the corresponding pivot variable. DeepSee simply substitutes the given value into the query, executes the query, and then redisplays the pivot table.

To add a control to set a pivot variable, add a control as described earlier in this chapter and configure it as follows:

  • Action — Select Apply Pivot Variable.

  • Pivot Variable — Select the pivot variable.

  • Control Label or Icon — Optionally type the text that you want to display on the control. Or select an icon to display next to the control.

  • Control Tooltip — Optionally type a tooltip to display when the user hovers the cursor over the control.

The control is useful only if the data source for the widget uses the given pivot variable.

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