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Creating Icons

Creating Icons

On the User-defined Icons tab, you can define reusable icons with logical names. You can use these icons within pivot tables that have conditional formatting and within widget controls on dashboards.

To add an icon:

  1. Click New.

    The bottom area of the page then displays the following:

    generated description: icon new

  2. For Name, specify the name you will use to refer to this icon.

  3. For Path, specify the location of the icon file. Do one of the following:

    • Specify a relative path that is relative to install-dir/CSP/broker/

    • Specify a complete URL.

  4. Click Apply.

    The icon is added to the table, which also shows a preview:

    generated description: icon example

You can edit or remove icons in the same way that you do with runtime variables. See the previous section for details.

For information on using icons in pivot tables with conditional formatting, see “Applying Conditional Formatting” in Using the DeepSee Analyzer. For information on configuring widget controls, see “Adding a Control” in Creating DeepSee Dashboards.

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