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Level Expressions

This section describes how to create and use level expressions in DeepSee MDX.


In DeepSee MDX, a level expression has one of the following forms:

  • A level literal, which is a direct reference to the level as follows:



    • [dimension_name] is an MDX identifier that names a dimension.

    • [hierarchy_name] is an MDX identifier that names a hierarchy within that dimension. You can omit the hierarchy name. If you do, the query uses the first level with the given name, as defined in this dimension.

    • [level_name] is an MDX identifier that names a level within that hierarchy.

    For example:

  • An expression that uses a DeepSee MDX extension to refer to a level in another cube, via the following syntax:


    Where relationship_name is the name of a relationship in the cube used by the query and level_expression refers to a level contained in that relationship.


You can use level expressions as arguments to the following MDX functions:

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