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Invoke a <compensationhandler> from <catch> or <catchall>.


   <throw fault='"BuyersRegret"'/>
     <catch fault='"BuyersRegret"'>
       <compensate target="RestoreBalance"/>
     <compensationhandler name="RestoreBalance">
       <assign property='context.MyBalance' value='context.MyBalance+1'/>


Attribute or Element Description Value
target attribute Required. The name of a <compensationhandler> that provides a sequence of activities to undo previous actions. A string of 0 to 255 characters.
<annotation> element See “Common Attributes and Elements.”  


The <compensate> element invokes a <compensationhandler> block by specifying its name as a target:

<compensate target="general"/>

<compensate> may only appear within <catch> or <catchall>. Its target value must match the name of a <compensationhandler> within the same BPL business process.

For details, see “BPL Error Handling Conventions” in Developing BPL Processes.

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