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Settings in All Productions

Provides reference information for settings that are available in all productions.


All productions have the following settings:

Group Settings
Informational Settings Description
Basic Settings Actor Pool Size
Additional Settings Shutdown Timeout, Update Timeout
Development and Debugging Testing Enabled, Log General Trace Events

Actor Pool Size

Number of system jobs available in a public pool of jobs for use by business processes that have no private pool of jobs. Allow enough for requests to keep moving through the message queues, but no more.

For a full discussion of appropriate pool sizes for different types of production, see the reference section “Pool Size and Actor Pool Size.”


Comments that describe the production.

Log General Trace Events

Trace messages are informational text messages that Ensemble can deliver to the Terminal window and, optionally, to the Ensemble Event Log. Trace messages are unrelated to Visual Trace, which provides a graphical view of Ensemble message objects as they travel through a production.

By default, the Log General Trace Events check box is clear. When selected, it enables logging of all trace messages issued by production elements that are not business hosts. Logging means that Ensemble automatically stores copies of these trace messages in the Event Log.

Each business host has its own Log Trace Events setting, which controls logging of trace messages from that business host. There is no overlap or interaction between these settings. Log General Trace Events does not override or provide a default value for Log Trace Events.

Shutdown Timeout

How long to wait while attempting to shut down a production before forcing the shutdown. The default is 120 seconds.

Testing Enabled

Select this check box to enable use of the Ensemble Testing Service pages to test this production. Clear this check box to disable the testing service.

Update Timeout

How long to wait while attempting to update the configuration for a production that is busy, before abandoning the update. The default is 10 seconds.

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