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Settings for the File Outbound Adapter

Provides reference information for settings of the file outbound adapter, EnsLib.File.OutboundAdapterOpens in a new tab.


The outbound file adapter has the following settings:

Group Settings
Basic Settings File Path
Additional Settings Overwrite, Charset, Open Timeout

The remaining settings are common to all business operations. For information, see “Settings for All Business Operations” in Configuring Ensemble Productions.


Specifies the desired character set for the output file. Ensemble automatically translates the characters to this character encoding. See “Charset” in “Settings for the File Inbound Adapter.”

File Path

Full pathname of the directory into which to write output files. This directory must exist, and it must be accessible through the file system on the local Ensemble machine.

Open Timeout

Amount of time for the adapter to wait on each attempt to open the output file for writing.

The default is 5 seconds.


If a file of the same name exists in the FilePath directory, the Overwrite setting controls what happens. If True, overwrite the file. If False, append the new output to the existing file.

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