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Where Ensemble Stores Temporary Data

Where Ensemble Stores Temporary Data

Ensemble creates temporary data while a production is being run; this data is deleted when a production is stopped. In most cases, you do not need to be concerned with this temporary data, but in rare circumstances you may need to deal with it when recovering from error conditions. For new namespaces, Ensemble by default stores temporary data in a non-journaled database separate from CACHETEMP. The database name and subdirectory name is the name of the namespace's default database for Globals with "ENSTEMP" appended. For example if the default globals database is LABS then the temporary database will be called LABSENSTEMP. This database is be protected by the same resource as that protect the default globals database. For example, Ensemble stores the following globals in this database:

  • ^CacheTemp.EnsRuntimeAppData—contains the temporary data needed to run the production. By default, for new namespaces this global is stored in a database named by appending ENSTEMP to the name of the database used to store the namespace globals. For example, if you create a namespace TEST and specify that the globals are stored in TESTGL, this global is stored in TESTGLENSTEMP.

  • ^CacheTemp.EnsJobStatus—an entry is written when the production is started and removed when the production is stopped.

  • ^CacheTemp.EnsMetrics—contains production metrics data, such as that displayed by the production monitor.

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