Ensemble Release Notes
New Features and Enhancements
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This chapter describes the following new features and enhancements:

Improved XML Performance
If you are creating XML Virtual Documents where most of the contents of the XML document are included in the virtual document, you can often obtain substantial performance improvements by converting the XML Virtual Document to an XML-enabled persistent object. This release includes the EnsLib.XML.Object package, which provides utility routines to convert an XML document to an XML-enabled persistent object and to convert this object back to an XML document. For details, see XML-Enabled Objects Compared to XML Virtual Documents in the Ensemble XML Virtual Document Development Guide.
DICOM Enhancements
In this release Ensemble has the following DICOM enhancements:
XSLT2 Activity in BPL
In this release, you can include an XSLT2 activity in BPL. Set the activity attribute to 2.0 to allow use of XSLT2. You must configure the XSLT2 Gateway in the Ensemble Management Portal.
Ensemble is now compatible with Disabling Caché Global Kill
In some environments, you need to disable Caché top-level global kills for security reasons. In previous releases, this change was not compatible with installing and running Ensemble. In this release, you can install and run Ensemble with top-level Caché global kill disabled.
Minor Enhancements
This release also includes the following minor enhancements:
Caché 2017.2 Features
Ensemble 2017.2 runs on top of Caché 2017.2. This means that, in addition to changes in Ensemble between 2017.1 and 2017.2, the new Ensemble release includes a large number of updates in the underlying Caché technologies.
Caché 2017.2 has the following important new features described in the Caché Release Notes and Upgrade Checklist:
To learn about these and other Caché changes that may relate to your Ensemble environment, begin with the InterSystems online documentation set called Getting Started with Caché. See New and Enhanced Features for Caché 2017.2 in the Caché Release Notes and Upgrade Checklist.