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About This Book

This book, which is primarily for system administrators, explains how to use the Management Portal to monitor the Ensemble environment, your Ensemble productions, and Ensemble production components. It contains the following chapters:

For a detailed outline, see the table of contents.

The following books are also relevant to system administrators:

  • Managing Ensemble explains how to use the Management Portal to manage Ensemble.

  • Caché Monitoring Guide describes the tools, routines, and third-party interfaces available to monitor Caché. These tools apply to Ensemble as well, at a lower level than the tools described in Monitoring Ensemble.

  • Caché System Administration Guide describes common system administration tasks in a pure Caché environment. There is some overlap between the tools in Managing Ensemble and that book.

  • Caché Security Administration Guide describes authentication, authorization, auditing, managed key encryption, SSL/TLS, and other aspects of Caché security.

For general information, see the InterSystems Documentation Guide.

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