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Installing Ensemble

The Ensemble installation is almost identical to Caché. This chapter points to the appropriate sections of the Caché documentation for your particular environment and highlights some additional facts you should consider for your Ensemble installation. To install Ensemble, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensemble runs on several different platforms. Before installing, check the online InterSystems Supported PlatformsOpens in a new tab document for this release document provided with the Ensemble kit to verify it runs on your particular version of the supported operating system. The document also lists browsers, web servers, and other technologies for use with InterSystems products.

  2. To upgrade from previous releases of Ensemble, see the “Upgrading Ensemble” chapter.

  3. For detailed installation instructions, see the appropriate Caché Installation Guide chapter for Windows, , UNIX®, or Mac. The primary difference for Ensemble is that, where the Caché installation sequence provides a choice between 8-bit and Unicode, Ensemble automatically performs a Unicode installation.

    On Windows, the default installation directory is c:\InterSystems\Ensemble rather than c:\InterSystems\Cache.

    There are additional considerations as described in the following topics:

If you have any questions or encounter any problems while installing Ensemble, contact the InterSystems Worldwide Response CenterOpens in a new tab (WRC) for support.


You can enter an Ensemble license key during installation, or at any time after installation. Use the instructions in “Managing Caché Licensing” in the Caché System Administration Guide.

If you have questions or encounter any problems in this regard, contact the WRCOpens in a new tab.


In InterSystems products, a namespace is a collection of data and programs in a virtual work space. InterSystems documentation provides a great deal of information about namespaces.

You can use Ensemble only within specific namespaces. For details, see “Environmental Considerations” in Developing Ensemble Productions.

UNIX® Considerations

If you are running the Ensemble server on a UNIX® platform, follow the instructions in the chapter “Installing Caché on UNIX® and Linux” in the Caché Installation Guide. Pay special attention to “Post-installation Tasks.”

The installation procedure installs a private Apache Web server so that you can access the Management Portal; therefore, a UNIX® system does not require a client on a Windows machine to perform system configuration and management tasks. You do, however, require an Ensemble client (or a server, which includes the client) on a Windows system to use the Studio development tool. For instructions, see “Install Caché Client on Windows for Development” in the chapter “Installing Caché on UNIX® and Linux” in the Caché Installation Guide.

High Availability Considerations

The following Caché books contain information on how to install Ensemble on multiple clustered machines to provide failover capabilities in case of problems on the primary server. They also describe other Caché technologies that help provide high availability:

If you require further information to help you develop a failover and backup strategy tailored for your environment, or to review your current practices, please contact the InterSystems Worldwide Response CenterOpens in a new tab (WRC).

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