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About This Book

This book describes how an Ensemble programmer can add SQL adapters to an Ensemble production, so that the production can communicate with JDBC or ODBC-compliant databases. You should be aware of the particular limitations (syntactical or otherwise) of the database to which you are connecting, as well as the database driver that you use to do so; this book does not include such information.

This book contains the following sections:

For a detailed outline, see the table of contents.

For more information, try the following sources:

  • Ensemble Best Practices describes best practices for organizing and developing Ensemble productions.

  • Developing Ensemble Productions explains how to perform the development tasks related to creating an Ensemble production.

  • Configuring Ensemble Productions describes how to configure the settings for Ensemble productions, business hosts, and adapters. It provides details on settings not discussed in this book.

  • Using Caché with ODBC describes how to use Caché ODBC, which enables you to connect to Caché from an external application via ODBC, and allows Caché to access external ODBC data sources.

  • Using Caché with JDBC describes how to connect to Caché from an external application using the Caché JDBC driver, and how to access external JDBC data sources from Caché.

  • Using the Java Gateway explains how to enable easy interoperation between Ensemble and Java components.

For general information, see the InterSystems Documentation Guide.

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