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Defining Search Tables for XML Virtual Documents

This chapter describes briefly how to define search tables for XML virtual documents. It discusses the following topics:

To configure a business service or business operation to use a search table class, specify the Search Table Class setting of that business host. See “Configuration Steps,” earlier in this book.


The XML search table class, EnsLib.EDI.XML.SearchTableOpens in a new tab indexes only the name of the root element of the XML documents.

If you need more items to search, you can create a subclass. For details, see “Defining a Search Table Class” in Ensemble Virtual Documents.


Ensemble does not retroactively index messages that were received before you added the search table class.


The following shows an example:

XData SearchSpec [ XMLNamespace = "" ]
   <Item DocType="MyApp:Patient" PropName="Gender" >{*:/Patient/Gender}</Item>
   <Item DocType="MyApp:Patient" PropName="MRN" >{*:/Patient/@MRN}</Item>

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