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Introduction to Basic

Caché Basic is an easy-to-learn, object-oriented scripting language designed for rapid development of powerful, web-based database applications. Developers familiar with Visual Basic will find it easy to develop applications using Caché Basic.

Caché Basic is seamlessly integrated with Caché objects and supports object, relational, and multidimensional access to data.

Caché Basic is completely compatible and interoperable with the other Caché scripting language, ObjectScript. Like ObjectScript code, Basic code is compiled into object code, which is executed by a highly optimized virtual machine.

The definition of the Caché Basic is based on VBScript, enhanced by language elements necessary to communicate with the database layer of Caché. The following table summarizes some of the key differences between VBScript and Caché Basic:

Comparison of VBScript and Caché Basic
Feature VBScript Caché Basic
Basic Syntax Yes Yes
Object Support Yes Yes
Multidimensional Arrays No Yes
Additional String Operations No Yes
User Interface Components Yes No
Portability No Yes

The main thing to keep in mind when comparing VBScript and Caché Basic is that they are designed for different tasks: VBScript is user interface automation language designed for use within client-based applications, such as browsers. Caché Basic is a server-based language designed to efficiently run portable business logic for Web-based, database applications.

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