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About This Book

Caché runs on several different platforms. Please check the online InterSystems Supported PlatformsOpens in a new tab document for this release to verify that Caché runs on your particular version of the supported operating systems.

This Caché Installation Guide contains the following chapters.

To plan and prepare to install Caché, see the chapter:

Install Caché following the instructions in the appropriate platform-specific installation chapter:

If you are upgrading from Caché version 5.1 or later, read the following chapter for a list of pre-installation upgrade tasks:

To learn how to create an installation manifest describing a specific Caché configuration and use it to generate code to configure a Caché instance, read the chapter:

For detailed information, see the Table of Contents.

For general information, see Using InterSystems Documentation.


The InterSystems products Caché and Ensemble share similar underlying technologies. Both products use the instructions in this book for installation. However, there are additional tasks for Ensemble, especially after the initial software installation is complete. Consult the Ensemble Release Notes for an overview of these tasks before beginning an Ensemble installation.

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