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Management Portal Title Bar

Management Portal Title Bar

The left side of the Management Portal title bar displays the following commands:

  • Menu — Displays a list of common tasks based on the roles the user holds.

  • Home — Displays the Management Portal home page.

  • About — Displays system overview information.

  • Help — Displays the online documentation (help) for the page/topic you are viewing.

  • Logout — Logs you out and brings you to the Login page of the Management Portal.

  • Page name tab — Displays the name of the current Management Portal page, for example Local Databases > iKnow Configurations or Task Schedule. When you edit an existing named element, the page name tab reads Edit: element_name; for example, if you are editing the User database, the tab reads Edit: User. When you are creating an element, the tab reads New element, for example New Namespace. When you have made changes to settings or element properties that have not yet been saved, an asterisk is appended to the tab’s contents, for example Journal Settings*. (You are always prompted for confirmation before navigating away from unsaved changes.)

  • Page Locator — Displays all or most of the navigation path to the current page. Each page listed in the path is an active link, which you can use to return to a previously displayed submenu/list. For example, the location bar for the Memory and Startup page contains System > Configuration > Memory and Startup, which provides links to the System Administration menu option and the intervening Configuration menu option.


    The locator bar does not list every page in the path. You can always navigate to a page that is not included by clicking Home to return to the Management Portal home page and using the search tool, which is described in the Management Portal Ribbon section of this chapter.

The center part of the Management Portal title bar displays the following information:

  • Server — The name of the server running Caché.

  • User — The name of the user logged into the Management Portal.

  • Namespace — The name of the namespace currently being used.


    To change the current namespace, click Switch and select the namespace in which you want to do your work.

  • Licensed to — Customer name that appears in the license key information.

  • Instance — The name of the Caché instance running on the server.

In addition, you can display a predefined System Mode label (for example, This is a Test System); for information, see Memory and Startup Settings in the “Configuring Caché” chapter of the Caché System Administration Guide.

The right side of the Management Portal title bar displays the name of the product you are using.

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