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Summary of Web Service URLs

This appendix summarizes the URLs related to a Caché web service.

Web Service URLs

The URLs related to a Caché web service are as follows:

end point for the web service


  • base is the base URL for your web server (including port if necessary).

  • /csp/namespace is the name of the web application in which the web service resides.

  • web_serv is the class name of the web service.

For example:


For example:


Note that both of these URLs are part of the /csp/namespace web application.

Using a Password-Protected WSDL URL

When you use the WSDL URL to generate a web client, if the underlying web application is protected by password authentication, it is necessary to append a string like the following (using the username _SYSTEM and password SYS as an example):


If you use a third-party tool to create a web client, make sure that you understand how that tool handles its logins. For example, .NET performs a URL redirect after logging in. In this case, it is necessary to also append the following string to the URL:


In all cases, you can also retrieve the WSDL from a browser after supplying the required username and password, save it as a file, and use the file instead. Or you could create a non-password-protected web application to serve the WSDL to consumers as needed, if it is necessary to have continuous access to the WSDL.

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