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Adding XData Blocks to a Class

An XData block is a block of XML code that you can add to your class definition.

You can add an XData block to a class definition in two ways:

  • Editing the class definition using the Class Editor.

  • Using the XData wizard

To add an XData block using the Class Editor, position the cursor at a blank line and enter an XData declaration:

XData ProductionDefinition

Alternatively, you can copy and paste an existing XData block and then edit it.

New XData Wizard

You can invoke the New Projection wizard using the Class > Add > XData. Alternatively, right-click in the Class Inspector and select Add Projection.

The New XData wizard displays a single page prompting you for a name for the XData block and a description. To end, select Finish. Add XML code into the Class Editor window to complete the XData block.

The New XData wizard prompts you for the following information (you can later modify any of these values):

XData Name

(required) Name of the new XData. This name must be a valid name and must not conflict with the name of a previously defined XData.


(optional) Description of the new XData.

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