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About This Book

This book describes how to migrate schemas and stored procedures from Sybase or SQL Server and it will provide you with an understanding of the TSQL (Transact-SQL) implementation in Caché.

The book addresses a number of topics:

For a detailed outline, see the Table of Contents.

When using Caché TSQL, you may find the following additional sources useful:

  • The Caché SQL Reference provides details on individual SQL commands and functions, as well as information on the Caché SQL configuration settings, error codes, data types, and reserved words.

  • Using the Caché SQL Gateway” in Using Caché SQL describes how to use the Caché SQL Gateway, which enables you to treat external tables as if they were native Caché tables.

  • Using Caché with ODBC describes how to use Caché ODBC, which enables you to access Caché tables via ODBC from external applications.

  • Using Caché with JDBC describes how to use the Caché JDBC driver, which enables you to access Caché tables via JDBC from external applications.

For general information, see Using InterSystems Documentation.

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