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Available Flavors / Emulations

The following is a list of the flavors (or emulations) that are accepted by Caché. The emulation setting for an account can be changed via the CEMU command.

Flavor Interpretation
CACHE Our own Caché mode — the default if no emulation is specified
D3 D3 mode — D3 is the latest incarnation of Pick
IN2 Intertechnique mode
JBASE jBASE Ideal mode
MVBASE MV Base, a GA system now owned by Raining Data
PICK The UniVerse implementation of PICK. Very similar to standard PICK, with minor differences
PRIME The basis for UniVerse and UniData, but is subtly different
R83 Original Pick R83 mode to which many applications are programmed
POWER95 Reality R95 - R83 plus a number of enhancements
REALITY Reality Operating System
UDPICK UniData running in Pick mode
ULTIMATE Ultimate Pick and Ult+
UNIDATA UniData Ideal mode
UNIVERSE The UniVerse Ideal

While all of these flavors are accepted, InterSystems recommends that you use the Caché version, if possible. Flavor-dependent behavior for commands, functions and so on, has been most completely implemented for UNIVERSE and JBASE.

InterSystems has been focused most tightly on supporting the flavors listed above. If you are porting to Caché from a MultiValue implementation which is not one of those listed, you may find that commands, options, conversion codes, and so on specific to your MultiValue dialect are not supported. In these instances, InterSystems recommends that you replace them with equivalents from one of the supported flavors.

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