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Interoperate with ActiveX/COM clients and objects.

Background Information

ActiveX is a software framework developed by Microsoft as part of its Component Object Model (COM) technology. COM is an interface standard for software components.

Available Tools

Caché ActiveX binding

Enables you to access Caché from ActiveX clients. This binding makes persistent Caché classes available for use within ActiveX environments such as Visual Basic or .NET. This includes the following ActiveX components:

  • Caché Object Server for ActiveX — An ActiveX automation server that exposes Caché objects as ActiveX objects.

  • Caché List Control — An ActiveX control written for Visual Basic that aids in the display of query results. You must provide the interface for selecting queries and query parameters for execution.

  • Caché Query Control — An ActiveX control written for Visual Basic that provides a simple interface for executing queries and displaying the results. The Caché Query Control provides an interface for selecting at runtime any query that returns the ID and for specifying any query parameters.

  • Caché Object Form Wizard — A Visual Basic add-in that allows you to quickly and easily create a simple form to access properties of a single Caché class.

See Using Caché with ActiveX.

Availability: All namespaces.

Caché ActiveX Gateway

Enables you to access ActiveX/COM objects from within Caché. This gateway gives Caché applications direct access to ActiveX/COM/.NET components. By means of wrapper classes, ActiveX components are made available as instances of Caché object classes and can be used in the same manner as any other class.

See Using the Caché ActiveX Gateway.

Availability: All namespaces.

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