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User Portal

Provide a user portal for your end users.

Background Information

The term user portal is commonly used to refer to a web page or pages that provide self-service access to users; the portal enables a user to perform specific tasks.

Available Tools

DeepSee User Portal

The DeepSee User Portal is intended for direct use by end users (in contrast to such back end tools as Studio and the Management Portal). You can use this as part of your application, or you can create your own user portal if wanted.

This portal is intended for general use (and has a general appearance), despite its specific name. It is not labeled with “DeepSee.”

The User Portal is designed to enable users to do the following tasks, depending on their permissions:

  • View and use dashboards displaying key information. For Ensemble users, this information can include Ensemble business metrics.

    Dashboards are typically intended to address specific business needs.

  • (For DeepSee users) View other DeepSee data items.

  • Organize these items into folders for easier management.

  • Attach keywords to these items, so that they can find items again more quickly.

  • Create dashboards.

  • (For DeepSee users) Access the DeepSee Analyzer, in which users can create pivot tables or perform ad hoc analysis of data.

  • (For Ensemble workflow users) Manage their workflow tasks.

The DeepSee End User Guide explains how to use the User Portal and how to work with dashboards; this book is intended for your end users.

Availability: All namespaces except for %SYS.

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