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XTP (Extreme Transaction Processing)

Implement XTP (Extreme Transaction Processing) using Caché databases.

Background Information

The phrase Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) refers to exceptionally demanding transaction processing.

Available Tools

Caché eXTreme

A set of technologies that enable Caché to be leveraged as a high-performance persistence storage engine optimized for XTP (Extreme Transaction Processing) applications.

Unlike the standard .NET binding, the eXTreme APIs do not use TCP/IP to communicate with Caché. Instead, they use a fast in-memory connection (implemented via standard .NET and the Caché Callin API), and run in the same process as the Caché instance. Although the Caché server and the .NET application must be on the same machine, the application can still use Caché ECP to access data on remote machines.

Caché eXTreme components include:

  • eXTreme Event Persistence (XEP) — allows simple .NET objects to be projected as XTP persistent events for rapid storage and processing. This is a lightweight API for low latency object and event stream data access.

  • The Globals API — provides direct access to Caché global arrays, allowing maximum speed and flexibility.

See Using .NET with Caché eXTreme and Using Java with Caché eXTreme.

Availability: All namespaces.

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