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Returns the number of elements in a list.




list An expression that evaluates to a valid list. A Caché list must be created using ListBuild or ListFromString, or extracted from another list using List. The null string ("") is also treated as a valid list.


ListLength returns the number of elements in list. It counts all elements in a list, regardless of whether the element has a data value.


The following example demonstrates how to use the ListLength function:

myList = ListBuild("Red","Blue","Green","Yellow")
Println ListLength(myList) 'prints 4

The following example shows that ListLength counts all list elements:

GapList = ListBuild("Red",, "Green", "Yellow")
UndefVarList = ListBuild("Red",x, "Green", "Yellow")
NullStrList = ListBuild("Red","", "Green", "Yellow")
Println ListLength(GapList)        ' prints 4
Println ListLength(UndefVarList)   ' prints 4
Println ListLength(NullStrList)    ' prints 4

The following example shows how ListLength handles the null string and a list containing only a null string element:

Println ListLength("")       '  prints 0
NullList = ListBuild("")
Println ListLength(NullList) '  prints 1

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