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Calls a MultiValue subroutine.


MVCALL:pc subr(args) ,subr2(args)...


Argument Description
pc Optional — A postconditional expression. For further details, refer to Command Postconditional Expressions in Using Caché ObjectScript.
subr The name of a MultiValue subroutine, or an indirect reference to this name, using the @ indirection operator. You can specify a single subroutine or a series of subroutines with their arguments, separated by commas (,).
args Optional — An argument or comma-separated list of arguments to be passed to the MultiValue subroutine. To pass an argument by reference, use the period (.) prefix. The args parentheses are only required if an argument is specified.


The MVCALL command invokes the Caché MVBasic CALL command to call one or more MultiValue subroutines, then returns to the ObjectScript environment. For further details refer to the Caché MultiValue Basic Reference.

Because MVCALL follows ObjectScript precedence rules, you may need to enclose indirect expressions in parentheses to compel the desired precedence of operators.

See Also

  • CALL command in Caché MultiValue Basic Reference

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