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Performs MultiValue screen cursor control or sets screen display option.





Argument Description
x A positive integer specifying the number of columns to indent the horizontal position of the screen cursor. 0=column 1 (no indent), 1=indent 1 column.
y Optional — A positive integer specifying the vertical line position of the screen cursor. 0=top of screen. If omitted, defaults to the current line.
code A negative integer specifying a screen display option code. See the Caché MVBasic @ function for a list of these codes.
arg Optional — An argument required by certain code values.


The $MVAT function invokes the Caché MVBasic @ function, performs the specified operation, and returns to the ObjectScript environment. Specify parameter values in MVBasic form. For further details refer to the Caché MultiValue Basic Reference.

The @ function does not change the ObjectScript $X and $Y special variables.

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