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License servers.


[LicenseServers]    Name=ipaddress, port


You can define one or more license servers in the [LicenseServers] section. Each license server is defined as follows:


The section looks like this:


LOCAL=,4001 - Default

The license software selects one of the License Servers to be the active server. The other servers are available to take over should the active server fail. A monitor process sends update messages to the license server, which coordinates license allocation when more than one Caché instance shares a license. All instances on one or more hosts that share a multiserver license key are required to use the same set of license servers.

The format for the value ip address, port is:


Where a semicolon separates each address/port pair, and within the pair, a comma separates the address and port. (Square brackets [] do not appear in the syntax; they enclose optional portions of the string in the syntax example.)

The values in each comma-separated pair are, from left to right:

  • IpAddress— IP address of the License Server.

  • Port—Port number. The UDP port number used by the License Server. The port numbers used at different IP addresses do not need to be different. However, the License Server port number used at each IP address must be different from any UDP port number used at that IP address.




Range of Values

Valid IP addresses and ports.

Management Portal

On the page System Administration > Licensing > License Servers, select Add, Edit, or Delete. If you select Add or Edit you can enter data in the Name/IP Address and Port fields and select Save.

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