Caché Parameter File Reference
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License servers.
[LicenseServers]    Name=ipaddress, port
You can define one or more license servers in the [LicenseServers] section. Each license server is defined as follows:
The section looks like this:

LOCAL=,4001 - Default
The license software selects one of the License Servers to be the active server. The other servers are available to take over should the active server fail. A monitor process sends update messages to the license server, which coordinates license allocation when more than one Caché instance shares a license. All instances on one or more hosts that share a multiserver license key are required to use the same set of license servers.
The format for the value ip address, port is:
Where a semicolon separates each address/port pair, and within the pair, a comma separates the address and port. (Square brackets [] do not appear in the syntax; they enclose optional portions of the string in the syntax example.)
The values in each comma-separated pair are, from left to right:
Range of Values
Valid IP addresses and ports.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Licensing > License Servers, select Add, Edit, or Delete. If you select Add or Edit you can enter data in the Name/IP Address and Port fields and select Save.

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