Caché Parameter File Reference
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Identify the Caché instance name so that a remote Web server can access it.
[Compatibility]    WebServerURLPrefix=n
A Caché installation is called an instance. Each instance has a name — the name you assigned to Caché when you installed it.
If you are using a remote Web server to access one or more Caché instances, then for each instance you must provide a WebServerURLPrefix parameter in the [Startup] section of the Caché parameter file, as shown above. The value n must be the name of the Caché instance.
This is only one of the steps required to set up a remote Web server to access one or more Caché instances. For details, see the Connecting to Remote Servers chapter in the Caché System Administration Guide.
Range of Values
The default is blank (no prefix).
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Startup, in the WebServerURLPrefix row, select Edit. Enter a Caché instance name.

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