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Console log file.


[config]    console=a,b


Two comma-separated values configure the console log file.

  • a — This value is ignored and may be left blank, as shown in the first of the two examples below.

  • b — Name of the file in which to log system console messages. You must specify the filename and extension only. The path is assumed to be the Caché system management directory. If no value is specified, Caché writes to a file called cconsole.log.

    To further configure the console log file, see MaxConsoleLogSize.




Range of Values

Either or both values may be omitted, as shown in the examples. If so, the respective defaults take effect.

Management Portal

You can view the console log on the Management Portal at System Operation > System Logs > Console Log.

You can use the portal to set values as follows:

On the page System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Advanced Memory:

  • Ignore a.

  • For b, in the ConsoleFile row, select Edit. Enter a file name.

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