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Maximum size of shared memory for locks.


[config]    locksiz=n


Size (in bytes) of memory allocated for locks. The system rounds up the value to the next multiple of 64 kilobytes. The default is 16777216 bytes. (On the IBM AIX platform, the default is 33554432 bytes.) The range is 65536 bytes up to the gmheap size. If you need more room for the lock table, increase the gmheap parameter as well. If you edit this setting, changes will take effect immediately.




Range of Values

65536 bytes up to the size of gmheap. Since memory used to allocate locks is taken from gmheap (the Generic Memory Heap), you cannot use more memory for locks than exists in gmheap. Memory from gmheap is also used for NLS tables and the PID table. If you increase the size of locksiz, increase the size of gmheap as well.

On all platforms, except for AIX, the default amount of memory allocated for locks (the maximum size of the lock table) is 16777216 bytes. On the AIX platform, the default amount of memory allocated for locks is two times the default on other platforms; that is 2 * 16777216 (33554432) bytes.

Management Portal

On the page System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Advanced Memory , in the locksiz row, select Edit. Enter a number of bytes.

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