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Add to default path environment variable. UNIX® systems only.


[config]    Path=directory1[:directory2]


On UNIX® systems, Caché processes started during Caché system startup are assigned a UNIX® PATH environment variable set by default to


Processes that use this path include Caché system daemons, processes started by the SYSTEM^%ZSTART routine, and processes which will be started by the Super Server (such as JDBC/ODBC servers).

Customer applications may require that the PATH environment variable for these processes have additional search directories appended to the default PATH provided by Caché. You can append directories to this path using the Path variable. If you modify this setting, you must restart the system to make it active.


Terminal processes do not set their PATH this way; their PATH should be set by their login scripts.



This sets the PATH environment variable for system processes to

Range of Values

directories must be one or more full paths of valid, existing directories, separated by colons.

Management Portal

On the page System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Advanced Memory, in the Path row, select Edit. Enter a directory name.

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